In animal testing APPA has demonstrated repeated and significant pain relief from OA, improved functionality and slowing of cartilage destruction, something which no approved drug has demonstrated

APPA is covered by granted patent in 37 major markets (including USA, EU, UK, Japan, Australia, NZ and India) covering composition of matter and/or medical use.

An improved formulation patent filed Q4 2017.

2 Canine Trials

Client owned dogs diagnosed with established naturally occurring OA

  • Study 1 in 32 canine patients demonstrated significant pain relief
  • Study 2 in 60 canine patients demonstrated significant benefits over Meloxicam

3 Rat Meniscal Tear Studies

  • Gold standard model
  • Significant disease modification
  • Significant pain relief

Anecdotal Experience in refractory human subjects

  • Reduced pain
  • No reported adverse events
  • Patient reported improvement in QoL