TAKL Unmet Need

TAKL has shown statistically significant improvements in Quality of Life when used as adjunctive support for symptomatic patients diagnosed with obstructive airways disease uncontrolled on standard of care.

TAKL appears to down regulate multiple inflammatory cell mediators and demonstrates the possibility of modifying disease development and progression at a cellular level.

It is well tolerated with no significant adverse events reported.

Rationale for Natural Adjunctive Support

Our research has shown that in Asthma:

  • Despite effective treatments asthma outcomes remain suboptimal.
  • Uncontrolled asthma is due to diminished bronchodilator & ICS response.
  • Many patients harbour misgivings about conventional medical treatments particularly ICS treatment as a consequence adherence is frequently poor.
  • There is considerable public interest in herbal treatments for asthma
  • Approx. 40% of people with asthma may use herbal remedies with non-disclosure to orthodox practitioners being common.

Similarly, in COPD:

  • Inadequate bronchodilator response.
  • Inadequate response to ICS.
  • Unsatisfactory treatment outcomes from conventional drugs and adverse events associated with several classes of drugs e.g. steroids and theophylline, contribute substantially to increasing popularity of herbal medicine.
  • Better control of symptoms that impact quality of life remains an unmet need of COPD patients particularly breathlessness, chronic cough, excessive sputum production and general fatigue.