About TAKL

TAKL is a patent protected nutraceutical developed as adjunctive support for obstructive airways disease (asthma & COPD).

TAKL has demonstrated benefits in symptomatic asthma and COPD patients uncontrolled on standard care medication.

Used as adjunctive support, TAKL has demonstrated:

  • Significant improvements in quality of life in St George’s Respiratory Questionnaire (Phase II: University of East Anglia / Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital).
  • Trends to clinical improvements in Asthma Cough Questionnaire, Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire, Leicester Cough Questionnaire, (DDX Trial, Aberdeen University).

Has been shown to:

  • Reduce breathlessness and cough.
  • Reduce frequency of exacerbations.
  • Reduce dependence on bronchodilators.
  • Allow reduction in ICS dose.